How to prove there is a God using digital devices.

Can using an ordinary iPhone or iPad prove intelligent design? How do modern discoveries in security features show there is a God? There is a story of an atheistic professor who would start his class on evolution by saying “If I drop this piece of chalk and it doesn’t break I will become a Christian. Every time he would drop the piece of chalk it would hit the floor and immediately break into pieces. What if millions of young people could say to their atheistic teachers “If you can open my phone or iPad using your body I will become an atheist”?

This video proves that the body is so unique it had to have a creator.

What is Mark of the Beast exactly?

Is the Mark of the Beast about the identification of people, or is there a deeper reason? How does the “Mark” fit into the New World Order? Are we moving towards a one world government? What does this movement mean for Christians? Will Covid help usher in a classless society?

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How to Find Victory in the Name of God

Elohim is “God the Creator”.  How big is God?  How great is God?  Can He create in us a new heart?

News Behind the News

Is America following in the footsteps of Venezuela?  Are we moving towards a Socialist government?  Should Christians be concerned?

Reincarnation “Here we go again”

Is reincarnation taught in the Bible? Did you know that those who believe in Reincarnation actually use Bible verses to prove their belief? How do Christians refute this? Is it in the Bible?


Climate Change: New Science, or Old Religion?

The one world religion pantheism: Pantheism is a belief that god is all and all is god. It is the worship of nature. As you read the Old Testament pagan worship was always centered on worshipping in groves. Could this same belief be what is behind the pseudo-science of Climate change? What part did pantheism play in the idolatry of Israel? Could the Climate Change agenda be a global belief of Gaia Mother Earth instead of Father God?


Will UFOs be used to explain the rapture?

Without a doubt people are claiming to have had encounters with UFO’s. Even former President Jimmy Carter claims to have witnessed seeing one. Are there aliens coming from another planet, or are they coming from another dimension? When millions of people disappear “in the twinkling of an eye” what will the reports be saying?


How could Biblical writers know about modern discoveries?

If the Bible was written by men, how do you explain these questions? How did David a shepherd know that the ocean had currents? How did Moses know that plants and animals had DNA? How did someone living thousands of years ago know that stars make sounds? How has modern technology verified what has been written thousands of years ago? We explore!


When the Rocks cry out!

How is archeology proving the scriptures? Did you know that Isaiah the Prophet’s seal was found? Did you know that King Hezekiah’s seal was found only 10 feet from the biblical prophet Isaiah’s proving the two knew each other as the Bible said? There are a number of seals that have been found that match the names of people mentioned in the Bible. What are they telling us? Do archaeological findings today confirm recorded history found in the Bible?


Does the Bible talk about zombies in the future?

Could your worst nightmare one day be a reality? How could people try to die but can’t? How could a person live without being able to die? How to avoid this horrible event?


Finding the Messiah using the Old Testament

Jesus fulfilled over 100 prophecies predicted in the Old Testament. We can easily identify who Jesus is simply using the Old Testament.


Is Jesus a real historical person?

In 2015 a survey conducted by the Church of England, found that 22 percent of adults in England did not believe Jesus was a real person. Is Jesus a historical person? What proof do we have outside the Bible that Jesus Christ did live 2000 years ago?


Was Jesus married, and did Jesus have Children?

The Da Vinci Code is a book and a movie based on a theory that is to prove that Jesus was married and had children. For years people have claimed that Jesus had children. Is this possible? Why have these theories been infused into our culture?


You are about to enter the world of the Unexplainables!

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